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Albarracín is a town in the southwest of Teruel, Region of Aragón. The village became a National Monument in 1961 and holds the Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts of 1996.
Keys to discover Albarracín
A good starting point to visit Albarracín is its beautiful and irregular shaped Plaza Mayor. In this square you can find the Town Hall which is famous for its almost unique U-shape. Another exhibit of civil architecture in Albarracín comes with the nearby Casa de la Comunidad, where you can observe its ashlar door and the details of its forged railings.

From Plaza Mayor you can go onto Calle de la Catedral, one of the most important streets in the city that will take you to two essential landmarks: the Cathedral of Salvador and the Episcopal Palace. The Cathedral preserves numerous pieces of imagery and its altar is considered as a masterpiece of Aragonese art. Next to the Cathedral is the Episcopal Palace, which preserves all its splendour from the 17th century. Its facade is a stunning Baroque door carved in stone and inside you can find the famous Diocesan Museum, which has an interesting collection of Flemish tapestries and items of great value.

The mountains of Albarracín
In the mountains of Albarracín there are impressive places that you cannot miss:

• Protected landscapes of Ródeno and cave paintings.
• Waterfalls of Calomarde before they reach the source of the longest river in Spain, the Tajo.
• Ojos del Cabriel and Molino de San Pedro Waterfalls, where you can even take a dip depending on the time of the year.
• Roman Aqueduct of Gea de Albarracín.
• Orihuela del Tremedal, where the mountains are at its most beautiful and the rivers of pebbles surprise the traveller.
• The Toy Museum or the forging of siege weapons museum.
If you have an adventurous spirit and you like nature, the mountains of Albarracín offers a lot of exciting activities like hiking, 4×4 routes, balloon trips, horse-riding routes or guided tours.